Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Yesterday me and L travelled to Helsinki. We started off with dinner at my absolute favorite thai-restaurant called Lemon grass. Delicious food!

Then  we walked down to the shore, to the Huvila-tent and enjoyed a wonderful evening of music and dance. The evening started off with a finnish artist called Aurora, she has had a few hits, likeable yes, but her songs had very little variety unfortunately. Here is one of her hits called Se soi, enjoy!

And then Neuza hit the stage, what a charming and charismatic performer. And the band! We danced and we were happy! Here is wonderful Djar fago, enjoy! The evening was warm, 20 degrees, one of those august nights that we will carry in our hearts.

This performance was part of the ongoing Helsinki festivals. For finnish readers, here is a review.

The picture above is of sweet Neuza signing autographs after the performance, we were given permission to photograph her.

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