Tuesday, 11 August 2015


After a weeks holiday in Parga, Greece and a well needed pause from social media, I am back home and started work today! I always find it healthy to step away from social media. I find it healthy to check my own social media behaviour, my own addiction to it. Happy I am far from addicted, I even consider to step away more often and for longer periods.
We, me and L, had a wonderful time together.
Parga has a wonderful landscape, surrounded by mountains. Beautiful olive plantation up in the hills, we did not hike very far this time, but far enough to see the variety of the landscape. We saw lemontrees giving fruit, we saw people sitting in their chairs outside their houses. Small houses and small gardens, small narrow streets.
The weather treated us well. We were overwhelmed by the genuine friendly people we met, the tastes and the sounds, the beautiful turqoise water, the crickets, the velvet nights, the stars, the lights, the narrow roads. By serenity.

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