Saturday, 5 September 2015

Another project

I have a sort of "dead-corner" in my kitchen and have planned to build a corner cabinet. I even have a vintage door for it ready, waiting.
During the week I drew the cabinet and on thursday, me and L carried home the timber needed for it, I have some leftover timber that I can use, so I didn't have to buy all.
We started building the frame on thursday and continued on friday.

It's drawn according to the door and I also had to take into consideration that nearby is my heating system, so I could not make the cabinet any bigger, it might have blocked parts of the circulation route...and the heating system cannot be moved.

Work shall continue today. 

It is so much fun to work together with L. It is also so much easier, to be able to talk through the idea, to reflect over difficult parts. The corner bits and the front bit of the shelves were tricky, I am happy I managed to solve them. L says my thinking is logic, so obviously when you have such support you feel confident. 
I know I can draw and build things, it is just not every day that I do. But now I feel we could start a corner-cabinet company, L & me.

On another note, HERE is a lovely blog with absolutely stunning images and the kindest words of praise for my home, Lilla Ljuva. Kiitos ihana kauniista sanoistasi, pistän talteen sydämeen, kiitos kun vierailit ja tervetuloa toiste!

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