Monday, 21 September 2015

Kätilö, Ingrid Bergman, Hanna B.

Last week we saw a finnish film called Kätilö. A warflm. Gooooood I am soooooo tired of finnish films about the war. But, this was different. First of all, even though there were war sequences, they were short and the film wasn't based on them. And secondly, the story was told from a different perspective. And also, little did I know about the war in Lapland. We, L and me, both thought it was worth seeing.
We also saw the film about Ingrid Bergman. I was slightly bored and a bit dissapointed as it was mainly a lovesong for her. Yes, she was wonderful, but what she did in her life, those were not easy matters back then. She chose to follow her heart. She divorced her first husband and left her daughter, when she fell in love with Mr. Rosselini and moved to Italy and had a new family. She was hated in the american media for what she did. It cannot have been easy to leave your own child. Then she left Mr. Rosselini and her children in Italy and moved to live in Paris with her third husband, Lars. All her children spoke of her in almost a glorifying way, and it was repeated several times how they adored their mother. Even though at times her eldest daughter Pia, said things like "Why didn't she want to live with us?" and she even wrote about these matters in her letters, but the documentary never grasped these issues, they were merely mentioned. But also, we learned that Mr. Rosselini threatened her with killing himself if she took a filmjob in america. It cannot have been easy to live with a person who controlled her in that way. It was also just merely mentioned. I am not interested in seeing only the smiling faces of pretty people, I want to see the hurting, the hard work, the hidden bits.

Then I saw a dance perfomance at the National theatre, my colleague Hanna Brotherus and her soloperfomance Hanna B. There was bread and red shoes. And words. And happened to be at the same performance as my dear friend Kristjana, she comes from a country were they speak a language I adooooore. Icelandic. I saw a theatre perfomance years ago, an icelandic group, called Vesturport perfomed Romeo and Juliet. It was sold out in London (I worked there at the time) and then the following summer it came for the Tampere theatre festival and I managed to get tickets for it. Oh my. I wanted to lick all the actors mouths as what they spoke, how they spoke, when they switched to english, then back to icelandic, oooooh, it was soooooo wonderful! Here is a link to see pictures and some videos. If you don't know what I mean, listen to Björk.

I think this is soooo lovely. Drama-helmi. Ihana.

 It is raining and feels like after I blinked, the seasons changed. It is autumn now.

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