Friday, 4 September 2015

Wallpaper workshop

With the kind permission of my students I have the honour to present this years wallpaper-workshop. I have previously been asked to make a post about the process, well, here is a short version of the process. I am very excited about printing, and I seem to have managed to get all my students feel as excited, the atmosphere is wonderful!

Some participants have started to print on the final paper, when some are still doing their test-printing.

We start off with the design. Everyone draws or paints a small version of their design on paper. Then it is time to enlarge the design and transfer each part to a stamp.
First we make a test-print, sometimes we make two, depending on the need. The reason for the test-print is that when transfering a design onto a larger surface, the design might need altering.

Here is a variety of designs. Wonderful creative students. I am sooooo proud. I could easily use any of these handprinted wallpapers in my own home.

Here is a testprint of a watermelon. She uses three stamps. And that is three stages. I simply love this!!!!

Following is another testprint, cherries s'il vous plait! .

 Making of the stamps. Cannot wait to see this design in print.

Another testprint, flowers.

And here is final printing going on.

I am so proud of all my students. They are all so motivated, inspiring, creative and talented! Tack finisar!

PLEASE respect copyrights to the designs. Obviously, all things designed can be used as inspiration, but please do not copy.

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