Friday, 30 October 2015

About racism

I have previously written about racism and about white privilege.
Yesterday I read a good article (in finnish) by The black female experience. She nails it, the use of the N-word. One of the commentators replied "I'll share and regret to still have to justify the matter". My words exactly. I cannot understand that in 2015 we still have to argue and justify the matter. My parents are elderly, they would never ever use the N-word. So to justify the usage by saying that the elderly use it because it is an existing word, that describes a coloured person and has no racist undertone. BULLSHIT! The word is simply racist. And how there is still a majority of people who obtain the right to use it, after all the debate and objurgation.
Many declare they use the word in an ironic way. What in the world could be ironic in the N-word? Others declare they would never use it in the company of a coloured person. So that means the person using it, knows it is an offensive racist word, but still use it - how double standard is that?
But the worst cases, the ones that use it and cause an outrage (what did they expect?) and then go all martyr about it. Oh how they felt they were violated when "told off". How ignorant! But how does a person like this really think? You use a word that is racist and offensive, someone tells you it is not correct to use the word, even goes as far as to justify why and you feel violated. There's something not quite right here. Oh poor little white racist victim, you feel violated but still feel the right to use the word and use it whenever there is a chance and contribute to the maintenance of a racist culture. I find it very selfish and ignorant to go martyr about a matter that can not possibly violate the person using the word, how about all the coloured people who have to deal with racist attitudes, racist comments and live in a racist culture. On a daily basis.
It is about our racist culture, how we are used to beeing the martyrs, the victims, in matters that we have no actual indication. It's about power. It's about white privilege. 

Why not use words that are respectful and loving? Why not contribute to a culture of acceptance and tolerance.

Lets all work together, to create a society, a world that is filled with love and respect!

I have publicly taken a stand against racism, for ex. on facebook. And have started to receive the most horrific messages. One person hoped I would burn in hell but before that he wished I would be raped and killed by refugees. What an idiot. He had been trolling on a fb-page and I reported his trolling to the admins, this was his very mature respons. I do not take these assaults personally, but I do prefer to share them.

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