Monday, 5 October 2015


Blimey, I haven't updated in a while.
Just so much going on.

I spent last weekend with my dear friends Hibah, Eoghan and Elizabeth in London. We have been friends for years, since I first lived in London in the 80's. And friendship has lasted.
What a wonderful weekend! Flea markets, delicious food, long walks in Hyde park, lovely talks and lots of tea. The skyline of London is very dear to me. The chimneys, the sound of the trains, the air, the language, the mix of people, the tastes and the scents.

My feet are tired. My heart is bursting with love. Thank you dearest Eoghan, dearest Hibah and dearest Lizzy. I am a spoiled having such wonderful people in my life! Lucky me!

Wonderful Hyde park
 Well, the day I took this picture, it surely was Saturday 3rd of October
I passed through Camden market on Sunday. These shades in the ceiling looked lovely. 

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