Sunday, 18 October 2015

An autumn break

I have a short autumn brake from work. It is in fact lovely to have a few days off. But my mind seems to not comprehend that days off do not automatically mean it is saturday or sunday, hih! Yesterday I thought it was sunday, so I was so surprised to see so many shops open, on a sunday, blimey!

I was supposed to hold a workshop in how to make Kusudama origamiflowers yesterday, but only three had signed up for it, so earlier in the week it was cancelled. (I wouldn't personally mind only three participants, but the organizers, a local institute, have a policy not to go through with workshops and courses with less than 7 participants).  So I had nothing planned for the day. Did I spend the day well? Yes I did.

I started off by attending a celebration held nearby at Loviisan Kappeli. The owner, Airi Kallio, was nominated Entrepeneur Woman of the year 2015. There I sat in an antique sofa, surrounded by the beautiful decor and lovely people and two wonderful dogs. Next to me sat an old acquaintance Maija. She even performed a few songs. She asked if I knew any fleamarkets in the neighborhoods. So as I didn't have any plans, I offered to take her to the fleamarkets I know. One is located away from town, so we jumped in her car and drove off. We sang all the way and returned emptyhanded, hih! What a fun afternoon! Maija is a wonderful singer and teacher. Here is a wonderful song, not recorded yesterday,  I love it. The poem is by finnish poet Aaro Hellakoski, one of my absolute favorite poems.

Later I started to feel a little munchy so I decided to grab someting to eat in town. I headed to a small and cosy café called Runda munken and enjoyed a cup of chai-latte. I decided not to have anthing to eat as I remembered that I in fact had food in the fridge...what a brilliant memory I can tell you!

I then worked on a few small own projects and felt very pleased of how my day turned out.

Universe, I really like you! Thank you!

This painted rug on the pavement is outside the café Runda munken. Part of a project me and my colleague Kaisa and our students took part in last spring. We painted rugs on the pavement and the street looks so lovely. Even when worn as this one.

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