Monday, 12 October 2015

Waffles and christmas

So, the waffle-season started during the weekend. We are such a good waffle-team, I make the dough and L fries the waffles. With whipped cream and raspberry jam. The best combo ever!

Christmas. Well a wee bit early. No in fact far too early! I built stillebens as I have a christmas photo-session in my home this afternoon.

I decorated gingerbread. I decorated oranges with cloves. Made Kusudama origamiflowers.
The scent on the veranda is wonderful, but there's something not quite right...the light, it is perhaps too light. It's not the same light as during Christmas. Well simply because it is still autumn.

I do enjoy Christmas. But not yet.

On sunday we cykled. In beautiful crisp weather. In sunshine. Life is sooooo good.

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