Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A grateful pediment

I think it is so important to occasionally stop and look at what we have, we who live in a world of abundance. I do not want to take things for granted, especially not the love and friendship I am so generously blessed with. I want to enjoy it, feel I am worthy of it all.

A few days ago my darling L surprised me with the most beautiful bouquet of red roses.

Tack min älskade!

The light is so odd I haven't been able to take a decent picture, so instead here are a few parts of a pictureseries (of five pictures), playing the somewhat cruel he loves me - he loves me not, on my kitchenwall. These ones are "beacoup" and "passionnément".

And my cornercabinet now has a pediment. It needed something on the top, as it was very "squarish", due to the restrictions regarding my heatingsystem. So, I had this wooden scruffy and broken pediment found a few years ago in the trash. It was broken. I first found the larger part and later the same day, I found the missing bit! Oh my, I am such a waste-collector and container-rat at heart, but occasioanlly these finds come in handy. So did this pediment. It was broken, but my woodwork crafting skills do not extend to this sort of fine woodcrafting, so I haven't been able to mend it properly, but maybe that is part of the charm, that I in fact do not mind having slightly broken items in my home. The one funny thing is the size of fits perfectly on top. The cabinet was built according to the existing door and the heating-system.
It was very scruffy, but it has been cleaned and I painted it the same white as the cabinet itself. I was a bit scared it would turn out "shabby-chic", a trend I am not at all fond of. The trend is to paint everything white and then make it look worn and old. It has left plenty fine furniture painted white and nobody wants to purchaise them...just look at online markets, lots of whitepainted antiques up for sale!

The sun is out, and it even played with the pediment.

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