Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A painted rug

Last spring, me and my colleague Kaisa and our students, painted rugs on the pavement along a street called Alexandersgatan, in our town. A really fun and appreciated project, the passersby stopped and talked to the students when they painted. And we were greeted with such warm and kind words. Our students felt they were part of something special.

I was so inspired by the project I then decided to paint a rug in my home. So I painted it a few days ago and here it is:

I have round rugs in my kitchen. I had already decided I wanted to paint a round rug on the wooden floor. I used acrylic paint, as I didn't need a lot of paint for this project, I didn't want to buy a lot of expensive paints. I topped it off with two layers of varnish. And yes, I am fully aware that it will be well worn, but that is part of the charm, that it will be worn.

Oh, that reminds me of a story I heard on the radio many years ago. About the Unesco World Heritage Site, The Verla Groundwood and Board Mill.
There was a woman called Maria Mattson who worked at the mill, her job was to sort and weigh paper and she worked in the same spot for more than half a century. Her step pattern being almost the same the entire time, there is a trail in the wooden floor of her walk, two steps to the right, place the paper on the scale, two steps to the left, place the paper in a pile. Apparently she was almost blind by the time she ended her long career at the mill, but she managed to continue her work as she knew her way. Little did she know, Maria Mattson, that her footsteps made history.
If you are curious to see what she looked like, click on this link, there is a photograph of Maria Mattson. Wearing the traditional headscarf of working women of her era.

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