Friday, 6 November 2015

Fathers day

This sunday it is Father's day.

I give both my own dad and my darling L, a swarm of bees. From Refugee aid. According to the site, beekeeping gives refugees in Uganda the opportunity to earn a living, ranging from the purchase and care of bees to the collection and sale of honey. Gift covers a hive, a swarm of bees and glass jars for the sale of honey. The management of its own beekeeping strengthens confidence and brings the whole family economic stability. Sounds great doesn' it?

There are similar aid-shop in most countries, give a present that matters. I have previously given school-uniforms for girls (enables them to attend school), goats, adopted wild animals, planted trees, bought rainforest...

  Above are my herbsigns. Time to pack away summer for this year. These are my own, but I sell similar at Ninitchi. I also take orders. 

Wishing you a happy weekend! Have you seen this? It is so beautiful.

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