Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas and renovation memories

I've had the most wonderful Christmas! For me Christmas is the whole procedure of preparing it and sharing and enjoying it. I am lucky to have a partner who feels the same and who also enjoys the same. We share the same idea, it should not create stress, we should enjoy preparing. And so we did. And what could be more enjoyable than doing it together!
We enjoyed plenty of food that darling L and I had prepared. We even printed out a menu, it was L's great idea.

Our guests enjoyed it all tremendously and we felt very happy and pleased!

As this now was the second Christmas spent in this lovely house, I started to look back at what it all looked like when I bought this house and started the renovation. I connected the house to the municipal-services, water, drain and electricity. As soon as the frost was out of the ground, we started to dig the garden and placed waterpipes and drain and electricitylines.
And we could start building a bathroom to this house. It is built as a separate building, only attached with boards to the mainbuilding.

Bathroom before.

Bathroom after.

This is what the kitchen looked like. Here I sat on a pile of rubbish, immediately after I had bought the house. It was dark, cold and damp. It was winter. There were floors missing...and I thought to myself, what on earth did you just do and what do you think you can do here. It is an ugly, cold and damp house. And I cried.
But I had a vision and a deep respect for this house. And here I am today. The house is not ready, but I have come a long long way.
I feel at home. And I have grown to love this house. I am living my dream.
During the Christmas homes -event, I came to realize this is a dream for many. To renovate and live in an old house. I also have to cherish and enjoy this house. Because I have the chance, I have this. I have worked hard for it obviously, but I also feel I need to cherish and take care of this. Of my dream.

 Kitchen before.

Kitchen before.

Kitchen on Christmas eve, before our guests arrived.

Kitchen before. Another wall and window.

And the same spot after. Took the picture last night, hence the cold light.

The day before Christmas eve, we saw Star Wars, The Force awakens, at the cinema. Hilarious to watch in 3D. We both enjoyed it, though L was unfamiliar with Star Wars, but I gave him a short update on what I thought could be of use to know. I am not a fan by no means, but  I have always liked Star Wars. 

Last night we saw Macbeth. I thought it a beautiful film, even though it is very raw and violent. I so enjoy the work of Paddy Considine, his spoken Shakespearean english, is so natural and comprehensible. I have appreciated his previous work and was happy to see him deliver yet another fine performance. And a wonderful Marion Cotillard, she was very strong and her language performance was stunning, she is french and I cannot believe how well she has managed to conquer the Shakespearean language. 
I love film. And my darling boyfriend is as eager to see film as me, so plenty more coming up during the holidays. And Father Christmas brought a giftcard to the cinema, I wonder how he guessed it would be a very appreciated gift. Tack älskling!

I shall continue to enjoy the holidays! I hope you do too!

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