Sunday, 20 December 2015

Holidays always starts with a statevisit

The holidays have started, hooooray!
Yesterday I jumped on the bus to Helsinki. L jokingly called my tightly scheduled visit a a statevisit, hih!
I started my statevisit by having the most delicious peruvian brunch at Onda with my dear friend Manuel. I then walked a few blocks to my friend Paavo, his son is my godson. And we celebrated his 8th birthday. What a charming bunch of dear friends. I felt so warm and happy sitting there, enjoying the laughter and song and wonderful cake and a happy 8 year old.

From there I moved onto my following scheduled statevisit meeting...a bunch of old friends met up at café Engel. A charming café. The outdoor cinema in the lovely backyard, well, need I say more, it is one of my absolute favorite spots. To watch a film there, warpped in a blanket, sipping a tea, holding hands...Café Engel is located opposite the Helsinki Cathedral. I had booked a table for us, and we sat by the window, looking out at the square, and this was our view:

We enjoyed mulled wine and cakes. When they were closing (at 9p.m.), we moved to a bar and I left my friends like Cinderella, at midnight, to catch the last bus home. What a wonderful night it was. We haven't met in such a long time! I laughed so much I again almost fell of the bench! I love these people so much.

Kiitos ihanat rakkaat ystäväni! Thank you my dear lovely friends!

On another note, my dear friend Ninni is perfoming on upcoming compilation record, Saman taivaan alla, the profits go to ther Finnish red cross. Here is Ninni's song Valoa päin, enjoy!

Happy sunday, dear friends!

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