Monday, 7 December 2015

Traditional Christmas homes -weekend

Oh what a weekend!

My walls echo of kind words and the ah's and oh's. I will cherish all the kindness and love we received during the weekend.
I also sold out most of the products from Ninitchi-shop. I need to try make more during the week.

Here are a few blogposts shared with me, plenty of lovely photos from the other Christmas homes:

This is blog Koti kolmelle. The blog is in finnish, but plenty pics: The six first pics are from Vackerbacka, our friends Tina and Juha live in this fabulous house. The following six pics are from Ajurintalo, the neighbouring house to Vackerbacka. Then the two following pics are from my lovely neighbours, the lovely sisters Sini and Heini, in their twinhouse Helgas. The four last pics are from my home, Lilla Ljuva.

Here is Marjon matkassa. The blog is also in finnish, the names of the houses are mentioned before the pics.

Here is Villipiha. The first picture is of Vackerbacka. The following two are from Villa Aaltonen. The fourth picture is from my dear friends Kaisa and Tuomo's home Pitkänpöydäntalo. Pictures 5,6,7 and 8 again are from Vackerbacka. The nineth picture is from Kunikaanlampi. And the last one is of a certain someone's bedroom...

I know many of these homes so well, I have spent plenty of time there as they are the homes of my dear friends.

Tusen tack all ni fina som besökte Lilla Ljuva! Tack för era vackra vänliga ord! Tack för de fina gåvorna! Jag är en bortskämd människa! 
Tuhat kiitosta kaikille jotka kävitte kylässä Lilla Ljuvassa! Kiitos kauniista ystävällisistä sanoistanne! Kiitos hienosita lahjoistanne! Olen hemmoteltu ihminen!
Thank you so much for visiting Lilla Ljuva, thank you for your kind words and thank you for the gifts! I am a spoilt human beeing!

Pictures above from the Koti kolmelle blog, from my home.


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