Friday, 4 December 2015

Traditional Christmas Homes

My house has been invited to participate in the Traditional Christmas Homes -event held in my hometown Lovisa, two following weekends.

Darling L has been a wonderful companion in building Christmas for the fourth time!!!! We've had plenty of fun. He decorated the Christmas tree, and did it turn out wonderful! I am so pleased. May I present, Christmas tree year 2015:

When we had lit the candles and finished of some other work, we enjoyed some glögg, (it's mulled wine, bit we had non alcoholic glögg) on the veranda and enjoyed the beautiful Christmas tree. It was very cozy.

I have a small Ninitchi-shop open during the event. I sell yellow beewax candles, Kusudama origami flowers, paperheart-decorations, herbsigns, cutlery-hooks and of course, Ninitchi-brooches!

Lilla Ljuva, is ready to welcome guests to The Traditional Christmas Homes!

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