Sunday, 26 July 2015


My vintage movieposter has landed on the wall in my porch.

The movie is Gaslight.
And here is the trailer for the movie. I must see this!

Friday, 24 July 2015

An afternoon with Elvis

This afternoon I cykled to my friend E.

Their Volkswagen Beetle was parked in the driveway. Two vintage bikes leaned onto the garage wall. A line of washed sheets danced in the wind.
In the kitchen E and her four year old daughter were doing the dishes.  I sat on the floor and the little one asked me all sorts of lovely questions. Will you stay for the night? Well that is a nice idea, but I had not planned to stay so long this time. Why are you wearing a flowerdress? This morning when I chose what to wear, I spotted this dress and I haven't worn it in a very long time, so I decided to wear it today, and if I feel it isn't what I prefer to wear, then I can give it to charity and maybe somebody else will have more use of it than me. Why are you wearing red nailpolish? I do have a few other colours too, but I seem to prefer the red ones. My mummy also has red. And she has black too. Why do you wear pins in your hair? I am trying to let my fringe grow out. And to prevent myself from looking like a poor imitation of Elvis Presley, I use pins. Who is El..Pr...? He was a singer. He sang lovely songs and shook his hip and made people go crazy!
It started to rain outside. E's husband carried the sheets indoors and the scent of fresh laundry spread in the rooms. We listened to Elvis and tried to imagine him shaking his hip. We didn't go all crazy. We drank many cups of espresso, ate biscottinis and I sat with the little one in my lap and felt life is sooooo gooood. Friends.

I cykled home with a vintage bottle of Sorbus, a cheap wine made of rowanberries. It is no longer in production due to poor sales. E and her husband found lots of these vintage bottles when they renovated their garage. And now one of them is in my home. I love the etiquette.

And here is Elvis singing.

Very happy to read about a book-collaboration of father and daughter Juslin. Our dear, dear friends Beni and Emma. Read the article (in swedish) here.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

During the past two days...

...I have managed to work on my porch (I am covering the walls that only have isolation, but no solid wall), have a gig at a double birthdayparty (30 + 60), varnish the twigs in the ceiling, make a birthday-present for a two-year old (origamibirds on a twig), deliver the pressy, stand in for my darling L at the kiosk so he could attend the birthdayparty, continue work on the porch and paint the ceiling. I think I'm entitled a relaxed sunday evening with my darling! Tea and candles and invite Joshua James to perform...I was lucky to see not only one, but two performances when they first came to perform in Helsinki, some years ago.

Wishing you a relaxed sunday!

Above are some more signs I made.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Proudly present

I am happy when my friends and colleagues do well and get recognition for their work. So now I am proud to introduce my friend Lorraine Spiteri, we participated and worked in the same EU-project some years ago, and became friends.

Here is her portraits that are part of a series of portraits of women in Malta.

Above is a detail in my bedroom.The round box is so beautiful, it has lovely embroidery on the inside. I have no clue what it might have been used for. Storage of some sort, but what?

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dogs are your bestestest friend

I have this charming row of dogs in my kitchen. Makes me happy happy joy joy everytime I see them. Made by my dear friend Kaisa Korpela, a wonderful potter and artist living in Lovisa.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Mock orange and luck

Oh my, yesterday I spotted a mock orange (fin. Jasmike, sve. Schersmin) in my garden. It is huge, like a tree. In full bloom. It was slightly hidden behind the lilacs, that are dominant in my garden.
But there it was. So I picked a few branches and the wonderful scent spread in my kitchen. Lucky me!

Later in the evening I received a wonderful bouquet of red roses from my darling, so now my kitchen is full of flowers. Once again, lucky lucky me! Extremely spoiled human waving and wishing you a wonderful tuesday!

As I probably mentioned above, I happen to be a very lucky human, I have three young persons helping me out in my garden. Due to a car-accident soon 12yrs ago, I have a shoulder injury that at times lets me know of its existence. Especially if I dig with a spade, so unfortunately I will never fit as a gravedigger! In front of my house, there's a huge flowerbed, with Mezereum, which is a highly poisonous plant, so I want it gone from my garden. I also want to lower the flower bed.
These three kind souls are part of a workshop aimed at younger persons, that haven't found their path so to speak, and need a little help in finding what it might be they want to work with, or study in life, or even in the near future. So they work on various projects together in small groups, and sometimes individually. Today they are helping me. And I am very grateful.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Give me a sign!

For my darling on his birthday, this is what I made. A sign of an old spoon. To stand in a pot of flowers. And a cake, the same delicious cake as we had for midsummer. Everyone enjoyed it, it is heavenly!
Grattis på födelsedagen kärleken!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Just lovely!

I fill vases with flowers and the scent spread in all the rooms, lovely summer!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Slowly, slowly...

... a home is taking shape.
Found these toothbrush holders at the local fleamarket, the glasses are original, and in fact, the colour I like to add to my bathroom. I have towels this colour, I have a lifebuoy that has stripes in turquoise. It is from a ship that no longer cruises the sea, it apparently is a restaurantboat in Turku, the M/S Kristina Regina.

One for me and one for L.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Summer peaks

We've had a wonderful change in weather, it is sunny and warm.
Lots of socializing going on, going out, dining out, barbeque...we haven't had a night on our own with L for ages. So tonight we are having a date! Can't wait!
But before that, guess what I am up to? Starts with a c? Yes, yes, cobblestone-ptoject still continues.

Going to be a warm sunny day and I need to cover up, I burn easily in the sun. Redheads have definitely more fun, but we burn;)

Above is a sculpture on a thick book.