Monday, 25 January 2016

A challenge about morning routines, hih!

I received a few questions, regarding morning routines in my everyday life, if I watch morning television and so on. Well, not sure if anyone really is interested, but I decided to give it a go, hih!

I usually press snooze a few times when the alarm goes off, and snuggle under the covers with a furry friend. A fantastic start to the day to slowly wake up to purring. I believe it should be mandatory that all humans should wake up to a warm and purring friend. I believe the outcome would be a kinder world. Or then I rush myself, wake up, wake up, there is so much I need to tell my darling and warm gentle lips to kiss.

My breakfast usually consist of ryeporridge with chopped flaxseed (linseed). A large mug of coffee with honey and milk. And vitamin D and B. I lit candles and try not to hurry.
If I wake elsewhere, I usually miss this moment in the mornings, my own mug with french roast or dark roast coffee with honey and milk, the lit candles, the silence. I think I have a lovely home and I enjoy my mornings in my house.

I don't own a tv, I can watch tv on my computer but I do not watch anything regularly. I have forgotten how it is, to watch tv daily or follow a series. I did follow Downton Abby. Or tried to. I absolutely adore Dame Maggie Smith, and her role as the Dowager Countess of Grantham was brilliant. The series did turn out such a soap after the third or fourth season, but I still continued watching.

I don't spend time putting on make-up, as I usually don't use anything else than lipstick.

I work daily and I enjoy my work. I usually cykle to work, but for the past few weeks I have walked, it has been too cold, my bike does not operate if it is very cold. But now it is mild again, I shall go back to my cykling routine.

In the weekends, my morning routine is very similar, except that I go back to bed after breakfast and continue sleep or I might listen to the radio, a pod or a playlist.  It is such luxury. 

Well. Happy enjoyable mornings to you all. If anyone feels like catching this challenge, please feel free and tell the world about your morning routines. 

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