Friday, 15 January 2016

Poems on the underground

I have for years planned to do this again, as I made a similar piece back in 2009, it was sold.
This is one of the first poems that appeared on the London underground in 1986, and I remember falling for this poem by William Carlos Williams. Later I have bought compilations of the poems that appeared over the years and this still remains a favorite. Each letter is cut out separately and glued.

Here is the original I made back in 2009:

I had a small vintage frame that suited the poem so well, pardon the bad quality of the picture:

We are enjoying fantastic winterweather, powdersnow and beautiful sunlight. Yesterday we kicked off our thursday game of badminton, so much fun!!! We've had a break in our hobbies too over the holidays. A certain someones mister even dragged himself to the gym this morning! That is way too brisk for me! But we train at the gym on tuesdays, but in the evening ;) Life is very good. 

Weekend again, wishing you a lovely one! Take care and love!

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Akissfromthepast said...

What a lovely way to make a cute poems on the wall.
I have carppy old newspapers that i found in under the lattia :D im thinking to make something about those, but we will see..