Thursday, 7 January 2016

Reality check

So I woke up this morning to it beeing rather cold in the kitchen. I have an airheating-pump, but when it falls down to -25 degrees Celsius, it stops producing warm air. 
So I sort of forgot about it last night and during the night it stopped producing warm air. So my waterpipes in the kitchen froze, they are drawn along the floors and it is so cold, they froze. I managed to defrost them using a hairdryer. Thank god one has invested in such,  though I cannot use it for drying my own hair, I have such hair it goes so electric, even the cat is frighten of me. This was perhaps not one of those better ways to start the day.
When I eventually left for work, it was -28 degrees Celsius. My bike did not work. Of course not.

L's first wife, lovely M-l wrote, "Today is not the day I'm jealous of your life in the house Nina!" I replied that nor am I, and I do not pinch myself in the arm to check if it is all a dream.

But this too will pass. The weather will be milder soon.
I bought an extra heater and it is getting so much warmer in the kitchen. Plus there are several ways of making sure they do not freeze. The best way is to let the tap drop. 

So, just to let you know it isn't just a sweet pretty bed of roses to live in this old house. Most of the time it is, but not when it is this freezing.

Keep warm. And love.

Above are some glasses I purchaised at the  local flea market. I had a few similar from before and I thought these will be a nice way to burn tea lights. Plenty of tea lights.

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Cheri said...

Tuntuu, että kaikki hyytyy näissä pakkasissa. Taloni keskilämpö on 15 astetta, mutta hyvin tarkenee. Kylpyhuoneen vesijohto jäätyi viime yönä. Onneksi kohta lauhenee. Kävin pääkaupungissa, sielläkin kaikki takkusi, autot hyytyivät ja metrojunatkin. Rullaportaat pysähtyivät kesken matkan, mitään ei ole suunniteltu pakkaskestäväksi.