Sunday, 24 January 2016


I love having traditions, things I do annually.
Making blinis is a wonderful tradition.

I made the root to the dough on friday evening and yesterday we fried blinis. We topped them with smetana, roe, red onion, cold smoked salmon and dill. For starters we had pickled gerkhins with smetana and honey. So wonderfully delicious. We enjoyed a bottle of sparkling wine.

We finished off our delicious dinner with a cheese-cake made by darling L.  White chocolate and mascarpone cheese were among the ingredients...yummy!

What a wonderful evening we had!

Oh, if you have a chance to see the swedish film, en man som  heter Ove, I warmly recommend.  We saw it a few weeks ago, and my goodness, I laughed and cried so so much.

This lovely song by lovely Laleh, well, it's the title song of the film. Enjoy!
And love, plenty and crazy and wild!

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