Sunday, 31 January 2016

Weekend in woolen socks

I love wearing woolen socks,  right now I wear a pair that my friends mother has knitted for me. In fact I have many pairs that she has knitted for me. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I received the news just over a week ago, that she passed away. I have a photograph in my bedroom, on the door to my wardrobe, of her as a child, with her sisters. She was always so warm and kind towards me.

Yesterday I made another lot of hummus, I usually have hummus at home, it is good with bread as a starter or as with the dish I had yesterday, as sauce. This dish is usually served as a breakfast in some breakfast cafés in London. It is far too heavy as breakfast for me, unless it's weekend and you can enjoy it as a brunch. Fried mushrooms and tomatoes on bread with hummus. I use ryebread and I fry the lot in butter and toast the bread..

 I usually receive praise for my hummus, (yes yes, of course I am the worlds greatest cook!), so anyhow, many comment about how it tastes like in the middle east or north africa,  so I shall tell you a little secret. The secret is water. In almost all the recipes I have seen, the amount of water used is very small. I use 1½ cups, sometimes 2 cups of water, when in the recipes the amount is 2-3 tbsp. Try it and don't forget to use salt. So many peeps leave out the salt in hummus and well, it sort of is rather essential. I have been lucky to have learned to cook some arabic and northern aftrican dishes, with friends whom have relatives or have lived there themselves. I love to cook and I love to mix different dishes. 

Remember to love and be present. Take care all you beautiful people!

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