Sunday, 28 February 2016


What a magical day it has been, the sun was out, and the light was beautiful.

My parents came to visit, we talked and drank coffee, listened to music, that makes my mum come alive and we danced and then she got to stroke Muru the cat, and then she felt that she wanted to go home.

My mister prepared dinner, so that it would eb ready for us when we came back from the cinema. We saw the fantastic Umimachi-diary. Here is the trailer. Everything in the film was in balance. I warmly recommend!

After the film we had dinner waiting for us and drank tea.
Now I shall take my book and climb under the covers, wish you all a lovely start to the new week. I say thank you for a lovely holiday, it turned out exactly how I wished it would. Hashtagfeelinggrateful, hih!

Well, just look at the light! Wonderful!

Satamakadun seireenit

Oh, what a charming little concert we attended last night at our local pub Bella.
Three sisters, their dad and a fella on guitar. One of the sisters also played the accordion. Their dad plays the cello, hence the strange posture for playing the violin. And how he played, my mister was so charmed, so was I.
They sang in harmonies, songs from old movies, they even did a few Billie Holiday covers. My oh my, my soul likes to hear clear vocals and great harmonies, and last night was a real treat.
The name of their little musical group, Satamakadun seireenit, could be translated as The Sirens of Harbourstreet. Charming isn't it? They are from a city called Karleby (in finnish Kokkola).

And as a little funny note, they have actually lived on Satamakatu (Harbourstreet).

Happy sunday folks!

Here is Puhu hiljaa rakkaudesta by Fredi, originally from the film The Godfather. The sisters gave us a wonderful version last night.

Saturday, 27 February 2016


I wonder how anyone could have missed the film Amélie back in 2001. Well my mister did. So of course we had to fix that. It wasn't difficult as a certain someone has the film on dvd. With swedish subtitles as my mister il ne parle pas français. 
We had a home-movie night, with some snacks, blankets and cushions on the sofa.
I am so glad my darling L fell in love with Amélie. It is still such a charming film. 

Here is the trailer if you want to brush up your memory. 

Happy saturday folks! I am working a little on a fun project and then off on a date with my mister later tonight.

Above is a vintage vase with a delicate pattern. It can only be seen in daylight or placed in front of a light.

Friday, 26 February 2016

A few more days of winterholiday with Muuminmamman, waffles and suitacses

Yesterday when we walked home we spotted this charming Moomin character (mum) in one of the backyards on a street nearby. What a wonderful idea!
And of course L had to send a picture to his grand-daughter, she loves Moomins. Well, who doesn't?  I was raised with the lovey Moomin books, The book about Moomin, Mymble and little My (In swedish Hur gick det sen?) and Who will comfort Toffle?  (In swedish Vem ska trösta Knyttet?) and the novels of course. It so happens that my dad played The Muddler (In swedish Rådd-djuret) in a swedish tv-series in 1969! He wore a saucepan on his head and collected buttons and stuff. And he apologized all the time. Here is a clip from the series. The Muddler appears at 9.24. It feels very nostalgic to watch, as most of the actors all worked at Lilla Teatern, and as my dad was an actor there for many years, I saw almost all the productions and know the theatre backstage like my own pockets.

Tove Jansson, the author of the Moomin books, also wrote songlyrics. One of the most loved tunes is Höstvisan, performed by many many artists. I thought this new version with Von Hertzen Brothers was very charming! Enjoy!

We made waffles yesterday, we are definitely runners up, or perhaps even winners for the epicureans of the year trophy!

Today I received another wooden suitcase, I had one from before and this one I found online, it suits perfectly on top. And a scruffy record player. I have a wooden hatbox too, (here), so this will be the theme on the veranda. The flowerstand waits for it to be slightly warmer and then a few plants will move out on the veranda. I so enjoy when a room is taking shape. This room took some time to work out, but now it has taken shape and I know what I want! In fact I used to have a bunch of these old suitcases some years ago, but when I moved I sold them as I didn't have enough room. Feels funny to collect them all over again...

Time for yet another lunchdate with my mister. Take care dear friends, enjoy life and remember to love!

Monday, 22 February 2016


I am on winterholiday. And it turned into winter aswell, it has been snowing for quite a few days, the landscape has turned into a fluffy white fairytale landscape, beautiful and cozy. Just as I was about to have all these springfeelings, hih. I don't mind, I live in a country where we have four seasons, so I don't mind that.

On sunday I made a little outing with my friend Maria. It was the international restaurantday, with plenty of pop-up restaurants, and as huge fans of the international kitchen we first headed to our friend Beniamino. He served us some churros and cappuccino, lovely mix of spanish and italian. The menu was spanish as he also hosted artists from Andalusia-Spain. Carolina Morales Pinilla, dancer and David Heredia, musician, focused on the traditional flamenco. They are in Finland for research and collaboration with local artists. The wonderful artists entertained with small shows of improvisation between flamenco, jazz music and contemporary dance. It was lovely!

We then headed towards the countryside, to a pop-up restaurant with an iraqi-menu. My friend Leena and our new friends from Iraq had made magic in the kitchen.  Absolutely delicious! What a great day!

In the evening I walked over to my neighbours Sanne and Peter, sat in their kitchen and drank tea and ate cake and talked about life and crafts.

Here is something I started on saturday, I made a crochetcover for a wirehanger. Easy and fun. Looks really nice in the wardrobe too. Here is how to, if you want to give it a try.

Have a lovely monday and love! Love!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Yet another message

I received a message regarding my Kakejiku. Some questions I am unable to answer, unfortunately.
It is signed, and I have purchased it in London. It was torn at the top, so it is shorter as I have removed the torn part, but the actual painting is intact. I could not tell the age.
I also have an antique Kakejiku, but it is still packed.

Here is a picture taken tonight in my kitchen. Little sparrow in a tree in blossom. In my opinion, it is simply adorable. And in my previous post, here below, there is a detailed photo of the little sparrow.

Happy weekend friends. Remember to love. Love. And love yet a little more.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Light, a promise of spring

Oh my, this light, the sunshine, the melting snow and the tip-tap, well, it does things for me. BIG things. I feel a promise of something. Of spring? I can feel a difference in energylevels, in my mood. I'm by no means a moody type of person, but the darkness does get to me if I'm honest. What I try to do is endure it, light candles and build a cozy warm nest. So we have been "cozying" quite a fair bit by now.

But even though it is early to have these spring-feelings, I mean it is only mid february, one of the wintermonths, I cannot help but having the feelings of a springlamb.

Above is a detail of a Kakejiku in my kitchen. A litte sparrow in a tree in blossom.

Soon. Soon spring will be here. Someone once said, that spring is a promise of summer.

Enjoy and love!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

My blog

I have received a few messages regarding my blog.

Both refer to a blogpost some time ago, where I told I have studied tantra for many years. And how they wished I would write more about my tantric life, or lovelife. And they even expressed being slightly disappointed.
I am sorry to have to disappoint you even further, as I have no intention in writing about my lovelife.
My blog is not a sex-blog, and for me personally, I have never written about my intimate life, nor have I any interest in doing so. I think it is such a thin line between, writing about intimacy involving others and being naïve. I am not. I have no need in telling the world (yes, once it's out there, it can never be reversed) about my sex-, intimate- nor lovelife. I can every now and then, write about love and my love. But I don't think anyone is interested in how much or how I love, nor do I think my mister would feel more loved if I wrote about it here every day! I rather show my love for him in real life. I love him greatly and I am thankful and happy for the life I lead with him by my side.

I can tell you a few pieces of advice, the only thing I think is vital for a fantastic and loving lovelife is communication. Talk to each other, about dreams and thoughts, talk about sex, then there's much hope to be as intimate as one should be with a partner.
I know that for some it is not easy, but try it, it is so rewarding. The vital thing is to actually talk. It is so important to hear the pauses, the looking for words, to see what matters are those that you feel insecure or vulnerable about. True intimacy also means showing your vulnerability.
There is also nothing more sad and unapproachable than a partner talking demeaning about themselves. People have body-issues and self-hatred, but it is very hard for a partner to listen to. So if you have these sort of issues, I recommend working on these issues. Life is here to be enjoyed, not spent hating yourself! We are all worth loving relationships and partners that shower us with praise. If you are living in a relationship were you have to hide yourself, cover yourself or protect yourself from jealousy, harsh words or critique, then it might be time to either gather your courage to stand up against or maybe it is time to move on. Or if that is the way you behave towards your partner, then it most certainly is time to think what on earth you are doing. Jealousy is never a healthy sign. It is also part of something larger called psychological violence. Jealousy has got nothing to do with love.
Nobody should ever think nor talk demeaning about themselves. If you do, please stop. Please try to see yourself the way others see you. You are beautiful! Don't you ever ever ever forget that!

People who enjoy themselves, enjoy their bodies and their sexuality are really sexy! And sexy has got nothing to do with looks, size, weight or stereotypical beautystandards.

I also want to state that I think it is fully normal, to have a loving good relationship without  having sex. But that also takes communication. So that it is a mutual agreement or understanding. There is nothing more awful than not communicating about this. It increases risk of misunderstanding and wrong powerstructures.

I am sure there are plenty tantric blogs out there, it might be worth first getting to know what you are looking for. Unfortunately I cannot recommend any.

Enjoy and love! And thank you for getting in touch about this matter.

Sunday, 7 February 2016


Yesterday I was invited to a russian themed evening with plenty of food and crafting.

It all started with a picture a friend of mine posted on facebook. A picture of a beautiful ushanka. They are usually not at all pretty, but this one was. So after plenty commenting on the picture she started a group and we decided to pimp ushankas for ourselves. And yesterday was the big day.

We were invited to a wonderful home. We were served cabbagepie that was decorated as the russian navy flag, a few stars and a shooting star to honor the russian space science, hih!
We also had kulibiaki. Gherkin, smetana and honey was served aswell. And we drank vodka and sparkling wine.
Our hostess played on their organ and we crafted.

 The organ. Fantastic piece.


 The cabbagepie, pictured from the wrong angle....

The view from the kitchen window. Yes. It is a windmill. Old and real. Fantastic.

Another view from a window. 

This is my pimped ushanka. 

We has such a wonderful night. Mia's home is beautiful and warm, they have pets that are adorable and charming. Such hospitality and generosity is something that always makes me feel very grateful and humble. It is seldom people open up their homes for others to visit nowadays. I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.
Yes, we have already planned the next meeting...

Happy loving sunday dear friends!

Saturday, 6 February 2016


I found this lovely card on the internet, I placed a bid on it and won. I was the only bidder;) So the card found it's way to its new home in less than 3 days and yesterday me and my mister took a stroll in a fleamarket and I found this frame for it. It is not vintage, but suits the picture very well. This particular card would be classified as fetish, as it only features legs in stockings.

I have a vast collection of french cards, from around the 1920's. French cards are erotic, usually topless women pictured in boudoirs. Most of the women pictured are prostitutes from that era. Even though the french cards are very romantic, many of the girls smile and play in front of the camera, but the life of a prostitute in France back then was as far from romantic and fun, as the sun is from the moon!
This would look great in a shop for vintage clothing, a stilleben with a pair of black vintage stockings, maybe a pair of vintage shoes and roses and pearls and an antique perfume bottle...

And here is a french song by the lovely Lucienne Boyer, Parlez-Moi D'Amour, if you want to get in the mood, hih!

Wishing you a lovely weekend! Love, love, love!

Monday, 1 February 2016


A new hatbox moved in. Inside the lid there is a name and date 24/12 1911 and a Russian stamp, probably the factory. I have a suitcase of the same wooden material. They are so lovely. In Finnish these are called vaneriaski.