Friday, 26 February 2016

A few more days of winterholiday with Muuminmamman, waffles and suitacses

Yesterday when we walked home we spotted this charming Moomin character (mum) in one of the backyards on a street nearby. What a wonderful idea!
And of course L had to send a picture to his grand-daughter, she loves Moomins. Well, who doesn't?  I was raised with the lovey Moomin books, The book about Moomin, Mymble and little My (In swedish Hur gick det sen?) and Who will comfort Toffle?  (In swedish Vem ska trösta Knyttet?) and the novels of course. It so happens that my dad played The Muddler (In swedish Rådd-djuret) in a swedish tv-series in 1969! He wore a saucepan on his head and collected buttons and stuff. And he apologized all the time. Here is a clip from the series. The Muddler appears at 9.24. It feels very nostalgic to watch, as most of the actors all worked at Lilla Teatern, and as my dad was an actor there for many years, I saw almost all the productions and know the theatre backstage like my own pockets.

Tove Jansson, the author of the Moomin books, also wrote songlyrics. One of the most loved tunes is Höstvisan, performed by many many artists. I thought this new version with Von Hertzen Brothers was very charming! Enjoy!

We made waffles yesterday, we are definitely runners up, or perhaps even winners for the epicureans of the year trophy!

Today I received another wooden suitcase, I had one from before and this one I found online, it suits perfectly on top. And a scruffy record player. I have a wooden hatbox too, (here), so this will be the theme on the veranda. The flowerstand waits for it to be slightly warmer and then a few plants will move out on the veranda. I so enjoy when a room is taking shape. This room took some time to work out, but now it has taken shape and I know what I want! In fact I used to have a bunch of these old suitcases some years ago, but when I moved I sold them as I didn't have enough room. Feels funny to collect them all over again...

Time for yet another lunchdate with my mister. Take care dear friends, enjoy life and remember to love!

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