Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Light, a promise of spring

Oh my, this light, the sunshine, the melting snow and the tip-tap, well, it does things for me. BIG things. I feel a promise of something. Of spring? I can feel a difference in energylevels, in my mood. I'm by no means a moody type of person, but the darkness does get to me if I'm honest. What I try to do is endure it, light candles and build a cozy warm nest. So we have been "cozying" quite a fair bit by now.

But even though it is early to have these spring-feelings, I mean it is only mid february, one of the wintermonths, I cannot help but having the feelings of a springlamb.

Above is a detail of a Kakejiku in my kitchen. A litte sparrow in a tree in blossom.

Soon. Soon spring will be here. Someone once said, that spring is a promise of summer.

Enjoy and love!

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