Sunday, 28 February 2016

Satamakadun seireenit

Oh, what a charming little concert we attended last night at our local pub Bella.
Three sisters, their dad and a fella on guitar. One of the sisters also played the accordion. Their dad plays the cello, hence the strange posture for playing the violin. And how he played, my mister was so charmed, so was I.
They sang in harmonies, songs from old movies, they even did a few Billie Holiday covers. My oh my, my soul likes to hear clear vocals and great harmonies, and last night was a real treat.
The name of their little musical group, Satamakadun seireenit, could be translated as The Sirens of Harbourstreet. Charming isn't it? They are from a city called Karleby (in finnish Kokkola).

And as a little funny note, they have actually lived on Satamakatu (Harbourstreet).

Happy sunday folks!

Here is Puhu hiljaa rakkaudesta by Fredi, originally from the film The Godfather. The sisters gave us a wonderful version last night.

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