Sunday, 28 February 2016


What a magical day it has been, the sun was out, and the light was beautiful.

My parents came to visit, we talked and drank coffee, listened to music, that makes my mum come alive and we danced and then she got to stroke Muru the cat, and then she felt that she wanted to go home.

My mister prepared dinner, so that it would eb ready for us when we came back from the cinema. We saw the fantastic Umimachi-diary. Here is the trailer. Everything in the film was in balance. I warmly recommend!

After the film we had dinner waiting for us and drank tea.
Now I shall take my book and climb under the covers, wish you all a lovely start to the new week. I say thank you for a lovely holiday, it turned out exactly how I wished it would. Hashtagfeelinggrateful, hih!

Well, just look at the light! Wonderful!

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