Sunday, 7 February 2016


Yesterday I was invited to a russian themed evening with plenty of food and crafting.

It all started with a picture a friend of mine posted on facebook. A picture of a beautiful ushanka. They are usually not at all pretty, but this one was. So after plenty commenting on the picture she started a group and we decided to pimp ushankas for ourselves. And yesterday was the big day.

We were invited to a wonderful home. We were served cabbagepie that was decorated as the russian navy flag, a few stars and a shooting star to honor the russian space science, hih!
We also had kulibiaki. Gherkin, smetana and honey was served aswell. And we drank vodka and sparkling wine.
Our hostess played on their organ and we crafted.

 The organ. Fantastic piece.


 The cabbagepie, pictured from the wrong angle....

The view from the kitchen window. Yes. It is a windmill. Old and real. Fantastic.

Another view from a window. 

This is my pimped ushanka. 

We has such a wonderful night. Mia's home is beautiful and warm, they have pets that are adorable and charming. Such hospitality and generosity is something that always makes me feel very grateful and humble. It is seldom people open up their homes for others to visit nowadays. I am lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.
Yes, we have already planned the next meeting...

Happy loving sunday dear friends!