Monday, 22 February 2016


I am on winterholiday. And it turned into winter aswell, it has been snowing for quite a few days, the landscape has turned into a fluffy white fairytale landscape, beautiful and cozy. Just as I was about to have all these springfeelings, hih. I don't mind, I live in a country where we have four seasons, so I don't mind that.

On sunday I made a little outing with my friend Maria. It was the international restaurantday, with plenty of pop-up restaurants, and as huge fans of the international kitchen we first headed to our friend Beniamino. He served us some churros and cappuccino, lovely mix of spanish and italian. The menu was spanish as he also hosted artists from Andalusia-Spain. Carolina Morales Pinilla, dancer and David Heredia, musician, focused on the traditional flamenco. They are in Finland for research and collaboration with local artists. The wonderful artists entertained with small shows of improvisation between flamenco, jazz music and contemporary dance. It was lovely!

We then headed towards the countryside, to a pop-up restaurant with an iraqi-menu. My friend Leena and our new friends from Iraq had made magic in the kitchen.  Absolutely delicious! What a great day!

In the evening I walked over to my neighbours Sanne and Peter, sat in their kitchen and drank tea and ate cake and talked about life and crafts.

Here is something I started on saturday, I made a crochetcover for a wirehanger. Easy and fun. Looks really nice in the wardrobe too. Here is how to, if you want to give it a try.

Have a lovely monday and love! Love!

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