Thursday, 3 March 2016

A moment

Yesterday I was invited to a potter, turned out we live very close to each other.
I have always loved her work, and contacted her to ask if I could purchase a few items. So she invited me to her home.
She lives in a small house, filled with lovely and funny details. And two cats.
I sat in her kitchen on a wooden sofa, with a purring cat in my lap, drank rose-tea and ate french chocolate cake. (What makes the chocolate cake french is that the person who baked it is french, hih!)
What a lovely moment it was.

I chose a beautiful fruitbowl in the form of a fairytale crown. I also bought two shaman-bowls, they will be perfect for candles I thought. And three heartshaped buttons.

Above is a detail of one of her doors. I love icons, I also hang icons wherever they fit. I love the colours.

Happy thursday friends. Be gentle and kind towards yourself, and remember to love.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

How lovely .... I love the description of her house and the tea and cake !!!! Homes like that are so interesting, aren't they ? XXXX

Nina said...

Yes, homes like that are so warm and inviting. It is such a treat to let your eyes wonder and see all the creativity.