Monday, 28 March 2016

And some more easter

It has been a bliss having a short holiday, the weather has treated us very well. The birdsong wake us up early in the morning, the way it has always been. The snow has almost melted away. Chairs and tables have been placed on the terrace. Spring is finally here.

Today I cykled in warm sunshine and later we had dinner at our new local restaurant, Pahuna, with nepalese cuisine. We both enjoyed a delicious Palak paneer. We were not the only ones feeling munchy at the exact same time, there was even a little queue just after we arrived. What joy the restaurant has been so well welcomed. 

Yesterday we traveled to our capital to meet up with guests from Sweden. We dined at Salve. Based in Hietalahti/ Kamppi area. It has been there for over 100 years, apparently it started as a small kiosk that served the sailors food and tobacco. The interior is a combination of all sorts related to ships and the sea. The menu is very traditional and  we had herring. Fried in butter, with mashed potatoes and beer. We had a lovely evening and had to end it far too early as we had to rush to catch the last bus home!

Now our easterholiday has come to a close. I am so happy and feel so rested and have managed to get plenty things done too.

I love the shadow from a bell in my friend Kaisa's garden.


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