Sunday, 13 March 2016

Food for our souls

I have to admit, I am a moneyspender when it comes to the arts.
I visit the cinema quite often and I often go to concerts, the theatre and danceperfomances.

During the week we saw the Coen brothers latest film, Hail, Caesar! Here is the trailer if you want to have a look. I enjoyed it!

Last night me and my mister jumped on the bus and traveled to our capital. We dined and later enjoyed a concert. The concert started with a fella, called Fredrik Furu. In my (humble?) opinion, he is perhaps a good songwriter, but as a solo performer, it didn't really bring out the best in him. I think it might be because his recorded songs are filled with background and him going solo with (just) a guitar, well, it simply made the sound pale. I also didn't really enjoy his inbetweenthesongstalk, it isn't relevant to know what the songs are about, I would as a listener prefer to make my own interpretation if needed. 
BUT. After a short brake, Jack Vreeswijk took the stage. It was worth all the waiting and the frustration from my part. Here is Sjuttonde balladen, enjoy!

Both me and my mister have grown up listening to Cornelis Vreeswijk.
I really love his music. His son Jack has been touring and performing songs by his father. It was such a warm and fun night. He told us small fun anecdotes about some of the songs and about his father.

Two very happy, well fed souls traveled back home on the bus.

Sunday evening, time to gather thoughts and experiences and give thanks for all the good we are given. I am truly blessed!

Below is also something I am very happy and grateful for, my darling Muru-cat! She brings me such joy and so much love every single day.

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