Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Re-cykling a broken tapestry bag

This is a piece of fabric, tapestry-styled, savaged from a broken bag my colleague was about to throw away, she asked if perhaps I had any use of it. I cut out the bambi and made a pretty canvas to hang on the wall. There were two bambis, one on each side of the bag, so I made one for me and one for my sweet colleague. Tack finaste Angelina.
I used oval shaped flexi hoops as frames. The easiest way to make something new out of something broken but not really worth mending anymore.


Rinna Pitsiunelma said...

Ihana bambi! Mikä sääli olisikaan ollut, jos se olisi joutunut hukkaan.

Nina said...

Niin eikö!!!!