Sunday, 20 March 2016

Some people like to spend their weekends doing this...

This is where we started saturday morning. I started the scraping of the stove already last summer, but then other renovation projects in the house needed to be done. So on friday we emptied the room and started work on scraping the stove and removing plaster from the brickwall.
My mister is a weird person who likes to get involved in his girlfriends renovation. I think most people would be very busy with other fun things...but my mister is not like that. He told me he was even looking forward to working on the renovation again. I must say it is much more fun to work together. I haven't done much during the winter, due to it not being very suitable as I live here and some work need re-arranging living facilities, and it's winter so one cannot do the dusty work outdoors...

So my mister tackled the wall and I scraped the stove with a bendable iron scraper.

The outcome is perfect:

This sort of work is extremely dusty. We wore a combination of hats, breathing masks, protective glasses and hearing protection...all at once!

Now I shall paint the stove. It looks good like this aswell, but in my little bedroom it doesn't go with the rest of the interior, so I shall paint it off-white with black lids. Time to start! My plan is to be back to normal at Easter, so I have some serious work to tackle before that, hih!

Have a fun sunday folks! Love, love and love even more!

Tack älskade för all din hjälp!


Akissfromthepast said...

Lovely work!!!!

Nina said...

Kädet ja hartiat huutaa hoosiannaa, mutta on se sen väärtti! Ja olen niin tyytyväinen tiiliseinään, sityä kun ei aina tiedä mikä sieltä tulee esiin.
Nyt vaan siivousta taas (pölyt jotka yön aikana on laskeutunut pitää saada pois) ja homma jatkuu!