Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Well, as apparently so many people resign from church...

...I joined. Today! I joined The Evangelic Lutheran Church of Finland.
The reason is that I love what archbishop Kari Mäkinen says about helping refugees, that the church will protect asylum seekers. At the moment the church represents a clear public position standing up for the ones in need. This is what my religion is all about. It has always meant only two words for me, love and forgivness.
Here are some very accurate views by Kari Mäkinen, a man I have come to respect of late.

I resigned some years ago, as I strongly felt the church did not represent my view of loving, respecting and caring for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. A lot has changed within the church since and I feel this is a good and right decision. So thank you Kari Mäkinen for beeing a human and leading the way in showing what love and respect and humanity is.

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