Sunday, 17 April 2016

Ah, what a weekend!

Yesterday, the sun was out, the weather was just wonderful. We started off with delicious lunch, smoked salmon, boiled eggs, boiled potatoes and homemade tzatziki.
We then worked in the garden, we raked the leaves as the blackbird kept singing his beautiful song.
We laid a huge stone beneath my first step to raise the ground. The first step has been a fair bit high, especially for older people, like my mum, she finds it difficult when stepping down. It turned out great and looks like it has always been there. I am planning to have a handrail fixed for the steps too.

When we had finished our work outdoors we had afternoon coffee and both felt the need to take an afternoon nap, what luxury!

We woke up to the blackbird serenading outside the window.

This morning I noticed my adopted Streptocarpus is indeed in bloom, oh what joy. Apparently they are very thankful for almost any care. Some of her leaves are in a poor state, I just do not want to cut them off yet, as she has only recently moved in with us. She is from a home where cats have been a bit rough with the plants. But later in the spring, I shall give her a proper makeover, new pot, more soil and a trim. I find it easier for plants to adept to new surroundings if one just leaves them, in their old pots and soil, and then once they have attuned to their new home, they can be trimmed and given new pots. That is how I have previously succeeded with my plant adoptions.

My new lamp is finally home, I have wanted to purchase the Work Lamp de Lux in brass for a while, but it has not been in stock. So now when they stocked it again, I was fast as lightning and bought two, one for my bedroom and one for the living room. I even got a warm goldline lamp, oh, the warm glow it gives, so cozy. Just the way it should be.

Today sunday, it is raining. A perfect day for relaxing, reading books, listening to the radio...I usually listen to swedish P2, this is a link where you can find many morning programmes, classic music in the mornings, can a day start better?

Have a great sunday friends, take care, and remember to love!

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