Saturday, 23 April 2016

During the week

I had a visit from the chimney sweeper, he is a very nice lad and this is what he and his trainee found. The nest of a jackdew.
Last year he placed a net above the chimney to stop the birds from nesting in my chimney.  We were supposed to continue to clear out all the stuff that is not supposed to be in there, and also to coat the inside of the chimney last year, but we never found a suitable date. I almost felt guilty for interrupting their big project, but then again, there are plenty other places they can build their nests, not necessarily in my chimney. So now the birdnest is out and the chimney has a new coat inside (the birds have managed to create damage to the mortar and a few bricks were coming loose) , it is all safe to burn in my stoves again.

Last night I attended a wonderful performance by Maria Laura Baccarini, so strong, so tense, so touching.
If you have a chance to see it somewhere in Europe, please do, I warmly recommend.
Here is a some small bits and pieces to enjoy, GABER, IO E LE COSE.

I think there are many of us who are absolutely charmed by this image of the Queen. And yes, I do mean the lovely Mia Tindall carrying the handbag. Once again a supershot by Annie Leibovitz.

Have a lovely weekend!

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