Thursday, 14 April 2016

Just another thursday...

I cykled to work by the harbour in beautiful but crisp weather.
And when I cykled back into town, I met a colleague just when I was about to leave, the only thing she said was "You'll have terrible headwind!".
I didn't know what to reply. Hmmm, would I be very put off to cykle to and from work had I known there would be headwind, hellooooo, we are located by the sea, our workplace is by the harbour, there's bound to be a fair bit of headwind.
So to show you all what a petty little human beeing I am, I can tell you, the headwind was terrible, it was very heavy to cykle and all I could think of was the TERRIBLE HEADWIND!
So, makes you think what sort of things one should tell colleagues and friends and family. Why not say something uplifting instead, like, "oh, you're cykling, have a good ride, enjoy!"

But then god must have seen it all and thought, let's give her something nice. So I walked past a shop and saw that the jacket I had tried on and thought would be good for when I cykle to and from work, was down -50%, so I got that for myself, here's to all that headwind I shall conquer with my new jacket.

Then I decided to have lunch at Sakura, and met my friend Max and a few minutes later Päivi walks in, we have a spontaneous and fun lunch together until they both needed to rush. A minute or two later my friends Peik and Nina walk in and ask if they can join me. We ended up having such a good time I was almost late for class...and now we are talking I sat in the restaurant for 1hrs 40 minutes!!!!

Then my students finished some of their work, unfortunately I am not allowed to publish all pics of their work, as I always ask permission, but usually they are too shy and just go, naaaah, it's not good enough. My students make fantastic work and had I permission, believe me, this space would be filled with goodies to drool over. But I want to show them respect, so only a few pieces are allowed.

This is one fabulous knitted throw:

Ok, it's soon time to beat a certain goodlooking mister in badminton, hih!

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