Friday, 6 May 2016

Some people...

... like to build cupboards on days off.
I have a corner on my veranda, where the electical centre is located, and the electrical work is still in progress. I have planned to build a cupboard for the electical centre and all sorts, you know, shoepolish, tools, shoppingbags, some recykling bins, the hoover...
I even bought an antique window to use as a door.

Here is the corner waiting for someone to please get on with it!

Then it was time to actually start. The base. It looks very small.

Then the frame took shape and we managed to get the hinges right. We called it a day once we hung the door in place.

Today we built the shelves and painted the inside of the cupboard.

Tomorrow we add walls and then wallpaper the lot. I have an old lacecurtain that seems to be almost perfect for the door, I just need to make a few small adjustments to the size.

I cannot wait for it to be ready and hide plenty of stuff!

It has been lovely and sunny the past days, as if summer suddenly started. Oh my, have we waited! This sort of weather transforms people to the better.

Enjoy! Take care and love!

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