Monday, 16 May 2016

The weekend

...passed all too fast!

On friday I attended a fantastic gig in Helsinki. My former colleagues from the singing-group, have created a f a n t a s t i c performance called Poliittisesti jees.
I am so proud, so happy and I was so touched by the whole performance. It was hilarious and at times very very touching!

On saturday we started working with the baseboards and door moldings on my veranda. It takes nerves and even more surface is straight and there's and awful lot of adjusting, especially around the doors. I've bought old doors from old houses, they are not original from my house, as most of the doors in my house had been replaced with new ones in the 80's - and that is not the style I want. So that is why it takes time.
In the evening we attended the local choir's spring concert at Kappeli.
Later we decided to watch the ESC. So we bought pizza and crisps and some sweets and snug up on L's bed. Not sure how we managed to stay awake! Our favorite did not win, we had many, but hearing the winner-song again, it grew. This video is very touching.
When I cykled home in the night I was accompanied by the nightingale. The most beautiful birdsong echoing in the night. It was magical. I dare to confess that the nightingale is my favorite bird. Closely accompanied by the Blackbird.

On sunday we continued work...we're not by far ready. But we have definitely passed the more difficult phases, ah bless!

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