Monday, 30 May 2016

Time flies...

...when you're having fun!

On saturday we fixed the barrel in place, my mister made a wooden cross for it to stand on and we had to shorten the chutes, to direct the rainwater into the barrel. Looks great with the black barrel against the grey facade. As if it had been there always.

We enjoyed wine and cheese with friends later in the evening, cyckled home in a mild and beautiful evening.

On sunday I met up with my colleague Alva and her sisters, two small dogs and 12 new friends. We took our new friends out for a 3½hrs hike along the Kukuljärvi-trail.
The trail is 8km long and we had perfect weather, it was not too warm. The sun lurking behind a cloud.
We stopped for the view, a few times to catch our breath after a few heavy climbs, once we climbed using a rope and later for something to eat. A few of our new friends even dared to take a swim.
We had a wonderful day and I felt very happy to have made such wonderful new acquaintances.

Later in the evening me and my mister and our friends met up at our local Nepalese restaurant Pahuna and had a wonderful meal.

A happy and tired me fell asleep with a smile on my face!

I took this picture earlier in may, the little green thingy is a feltboll I made with my students. 

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