Friday, 27 May 2016

Weekend in sight!

The weeks pass very quickly! It is weekend again.

I have for long searched for a large metal barrel for rainwater. Very essential as one needs to water plants. Many old houses have old metal barrels for this purpose, but my house lacks all these essentials, so I need to find them. The ones I have found available to purchase are made of plastic. So I have been searching the internet. And hooray, I found one! It cost very little. And the guy I bought it from had a company that transports drugs and laboratory tests and before I had even received paying instructions, the barrel was in my garden. He charged nothing for transportation, when I insisted I wanted to pay for it, he said, please, sometimes it is really important to not charge for everything. I know. And I couldn't agree more. I am very thankful. The universe is kind towards me.
The barrel was blue. During the week I painted it with anti-rust paint and finished off with two coats of black paint. I have certain details in black, the postbox, my outdoor lamp, thermometer and namesigns. Now the barrel is also black. My mister wants to build a small cross for it to stand on. I am just so grateful and spoiled. And very pleased with the outcome. I am happy I tried my best to find something that suits the house rather than settle for what is available.
Now my dear plants will be watered with rainwater.

Last night we had guests. I placed a white linen tablecloth on the table. For some reason it was very very wrinkled. It bothered me. Darling L said no-one will notice once the table has been set. I picked white lilacs, and when I lit the candles and looked at the set table, I could not see the wrinkles any more. Can you?

 My darling prepared the most delicious and rich räkmackor, shrimps on toast with egg and mayonnaise, dill and lemon. We had mudcake with raspberries and whipped cream for dessert.

What a perfect evening, good food and drink and dear guests, can one wish for more! I already said it once, I say it once more, the universe is kind to me. Thank you!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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