Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Win win situations

I made a small shelf of old books. I've done a few previously, but some of you are guilty of saying how you wish you had one, I end up giving them away, which is great, I don't feel a need to keep things I make and I feel honored and flattered that my friends like stuff I make. But now I needed to brush up the knot-technique as I thought this could be a nice project for my students now we are away from our own school and I want to keep them going with fun stuff. They all loved the idea.
I also needed a small shelf myself. So a perfect win win situation. Except that now my darling has expressed his wishes to have this one...ah bless, makes me ever so happy that he likes the stuff I make.
No probs I say, as I have now a load of books arriving later this week, friends who empty their bookshelves at home and at work are ever so happy they need not throw books away as we shall recykle them. So a perfect win win situation again.

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