Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I think it is vital for us to dream, about things we want to do and experience.
Some of our dreams are not even supposed to come true, there are dreams that one should pursue and some are even worth striving and fighting for, working hard to achieve, no matter what anyone else says!
I've tried to live my dreams.
One of my dreams is to renovate an old house, check! And taking part in the open house event LWT, during the last weekend in august, I have come to realize that it is in fact a dream that connects many people. To renovate and live in an old house.
I never dreamed of a renovation this broad, but what to do when you find the house of your dreams. When I had bought the house, well, the first feelings as a houseowner wasn't enjoyable. It wasn't that fairytale moment, when you feel all empowered and strong. It was cold, dark and felt damp and it was ugly. An abandoned house that I dreamed of saving and giving back it's former glory. Ha-ha! I cried! And cursed myself for being such an idiot, throwing away all my savings and having high hopes, too high beliefs of what I could accomplish. I wasn't a fairytale person, who was going to be saved by mice and birds helping me renovate! Well, now a few years later, after a lot of hard work, with a lot of help from others, I have learned so much and living in a house I have grown to love. And living my dream! It still takes a lot of work to finish, but I am willing to work for my dream.
I know what a privilege it is to be able to do this, so I feel I need to cherish this, I need to also enjoy this. I don't want to turn blind. You know the ones that live in a beautiful place, a beautiful house, or have a fantastic partner, or have the perfect job, but just never seem to realize it and give praise and feel grateful for what they have. I think the worst mistake you make as a human being is taking people and things for granted.

Someone very dear to me has lost everything. Family, house and work. Things we all take for granted. So cherish what you have. When did you last prioritize your partner? Or take time to spend with your child, just the two of you? When did you say something nice to a collgue? Spend time in your home and enjoy it.  Look around you, you are rich.

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