Friday, 10 June 2016

Holiday continues

The ones who think I have been laying in a hammock, reading and taking naps, well my dears, I shall have to disappoint you and plead with you to think again, hih!

On wednesday I hosted our local tourist office's press release at the kiosque. Earlier in the week I made plenty of rhubarb juice and baked buns in the morning. It was a rainy day, but they were pleased even if the weather was lousy.

I am so ready for proper summer now. 
My red shoes are waiting, hih! 

On another note. I was asked why I haven't posted about the magazines I have recently figured in.
I haven't thought it would be of any interest to the ones following my blog. I don't want my blog or myself to become so selfcentred to think that it should make any difference. I have figured in newspapers and magazines before, due to my profession, and never felt a need to boost it. I don't want my confidence to need that sort of attention. I am pleased about the articles and proud, but I hope I would be as proud of myself without them too.
Previously I was often asked to open my home for interior magazines, I have often refused, due to the idea I have about not wanting to be part of a trend.

I have changed my mind, as I am part of the open house -event in my town. So then the focus is on the renovation, which makes sense to me.

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