Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Með þér er líf mitt ríkara

So how wonderful isn't this that Iceland suddenly wins game after game!

The so called war cry, is just so powerful, just watch!  

I have a favorite song, Með þér, enjoy!

Makes me warm when I think about what the Icelandic captain said after the game, that it was such a big deal for the players to play against England, as they all watch football and are huge fans of the english football teams and to get to play against their heroes...
And how charming isn't it to think that apparently the goalkeeper is a movie director, the coach is a dentist and one of the players is working at a gas-station and plays football during the summers...ah bless! There is something very good in stripping the layers and seeing ordinary people do well and enjoy what they do. Because it is a turnoff for me to dehumanize athletes...well, the same goes with any famous people. I cannot for the life of me understand idolizing anyone. I can respect greatly and enjoy what artists do, but to idolize anyone or thing is very very strange for me. 

More stonehouses I have painted. Hih!

Have a wonderful day dear friends! Með þér er líf mitt ríkara, with you my life is richer! 
Love and love some more!

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