Friday, 17 June 2016

...other thoughts

I read an article a while back, about love. About self love. We have all heard, and perhaps even used the phrase or thought, that comes in many forms, but mainly stating that we first need to love ourselves before we can love anyone else, or even be loved. 
And how this thought can add to not feeling worthy of love, that you need to wait, that you need to change before you are worthy of love. Everyone is worthy of love.

I think it can be good at times to reflect over what thoughts we carry with us as some universal truth. Love can be so healing, why wait until you are ready? And who knows when you are ready? Will there be a sign? Will somebody hand over a diploma for when you have passed the "worthy of love" -test. Will you receive an official letter stating when you are worthy to be loved?

Yesterday was a very rainly day. The rain came in showers. So between the showers, there was  even a few sunrays with clearblue skies.
We baked waffles at the café-kiosque. And what a joy that so many turned up! I calculated that I baked 28 waffles! On such a rainy and windy and wet day! We received so much praise for the tasty waffles and for the effort. We shall keep these words as a precious gift, thank you!

My friend Leena makes henna art, she uses natural henna paste, so one does not need to worry about getting an allergic attac, (as you can get allergy from black henna!). This is what she made for me:

Wishing you a wonderful end of week! Take care of yourselves. Love and love and remember that you are worthy of all good and love.


Cheri said...

Olipa sattuma, tänä aamuna heräsin ajatukseen; minun pitäisi rakastaa itseäni enemmän. En tiedä mistä se tuli, mutta varmasti se on tärkeä viesti, joka pitää ottaa vakavasti. Kaikki kaipaavat arvostusta ja rakkautta. Myös itseään pitää arvostaa ja rakastaa, se näkyy ulospäin ja houkuttelee rakkautta ja arvostusta. Kaunis hennatatuointi.

Nina said...

Juuri näin! Ongan se raskasta kumppanillekin jos toinen vähättelee itseään. Mutta rakkaushan voi olla myös eheyttävää. Mutta siis ehdottomasti on tärkeää rakastaa ja arvostaa itseään.