Wednesday, 27 July 2016

On bells and waffles and book cabinets

It has been good to spend time offline. I had to make an earlier return due to the need to advertise an event, so thought I'll come say hello.

So what were the ingredients for this summer?

Dylan LeBlanc made a reappearance in my life. I used to listen to him a lot, but for some reason he fell into oblivion. Now he is back. And I love his latest album Cutenary tale too, not just the old familiar ones. Here is a lovely album called Paupers field. Enjoy!

One day I manged to lock myself out of my house. But I had a window open so I just climbed in again. And that was it. Felt odd to have gone from ooooooh noooooo to all sorted in less than five minutes.

My summer has also been filled with plenty of blueberries. No, I cannot take credit for picking any. But I have sold many buckets. A certain dear F (he is an asylum seeker whom I have become friends with) , has been picking the berries and my friends and acquaintances have been generous and bought plenty! I have my freezer full! I told my dear friend F, that in the winter, everytime I eat blueberries, I shall be thinking of you. Oh my, that made him blush. But, all in all, he has enjoyed spending time in the forest and managed to earn enough to buy a computer, hooray!

Waffles! I have baked many hundreds. Every thursday it is waffle-day at the kiosque, and people have loved it. We never expected it to be such a success!

Liljevisan. A few years ago I attended a small musical venue in a nearby village called Liljendal. The evening was beautiful, the venue is set on a hill by a river, the evening sun, the warm breeze, the beautiful songs and many artists. A small dream was born there and then. To perhaps one day have a chance to perform there. Well, on a certain july evening, I made a dream come true. One of the artists was unable to attend, so a few days prior to Liljevisan I received a phonecall and was asked if I perhaps had a chance to cover. Of course I did. I was so happy. My darling L and his wonderful family all attended. What a gesture of love and I am thankful for the generous support.

I am working on my livingroom at the moment, and finally managed to hang the wallpaper I won last autumn over at Anna Malmberg's  blog, Northern delight.

The peacock chair is a fleamarketfind. So comfy to sit in.
My livingroom is a big room. I have never been too fond of big rooms, I am more for the small and cozy. So what I want is to divide the room into different sections, this is one way, to use different wallpaper. Let's see how the outcome will be.
This is another end of the same room. I have missed my book cabinet. Soon it shall be filled with my favorite books again.

Some people are spoiled. I am! Last night my darling gave me a present.
It contained this beauty! A dotted bicykle bell! Oh love! Tack än en gång älskling!

Wishing you lovely summerdays filled with love.
See you soon again!

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Lö kokkemoo paraply kikkerii kokkeroo

This is a picture from a magazine, a column for advice. This Maisa from Tampere is asking about a song she sang 60 years ago, probably a french song and she could still remember some of the lyrics; Lö kokkemoo paraply kikkerii kokkeroo.
Well, it is so funny as she has written the french spoken words in finnish, hih!

It is a french song indeed, called Le coq est mort!
Here it is sung in french!

Well my dear friends, it is again time for me take a short farewell and see you soon, I shall be enjoying the rest of my summer offline. See you in august! Take care! Love!

Friday, 8 July 2016

...of small creatures

Living in a house, also means dealing with small creatures. Like wasps, flies, butterflies and birds that like to find their way indoors...
During the week yet another previously unknown cat was found strolling around inside. Luckily the doors to where my precious Muru was sleeping, were closed. I don't even want to imagine what sort of a fight there might have been had they met...
When I moved here in 2014, I saw a small creature outdoors. I thought it was a hedgehog, my favorite animal. But then I saw the tail! It had a loooooooooooong tail and hedgehogs don't have tails. I came to realize that a monster lived in my garden.  According to my survey (read google) it turned out to be a rat! I  could no longer place my feet on the ground! A week later when I was about to cykle to work, I saw it dead on the ground. I was in a hurry, so I decided to leave the dead rat on the  ground (it was huuuuuge) and take care of it after work. When I came home the dead rat was gone! I was in agony. So many questions! Was it perhaps only pretending to be dead in order to awaken my sympathy? Or had it awaken from the dead?
It was most likely killed by one of the many cats that like to hang out in my garden and eaten... yak!

A small detail of my large antique mirror that now has been released from two years in storage. My renovation is taking huge leaps now.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Love!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Oh, the summer is at it's peak, and the weather took a drastic turn, it is damp and fairly chilly. But since I am working on my renovation, it does not matter. In my renovation so much has happened in a few weeks. We are about to paint the ceiling in the drawing room and prepare the walls with isolation and paper, so that we can wallpaper next week.

This year when my house is part of the open house event LWT, the whole house will be on show.
Here are pictures of my house Lilla Ljuva, a few more pictures on the way. My darling L has been kind enough to take pictures of my house for the venue.

On friday we were invited to the opening of this years summerplay at our local summertheatre, Lurens. This year they perform Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book. And what we experienced was something very empowering, so funny, so charming. The play was fresh and brave. We were so excited! We were so proud of the participants! And we were absolutely charmed by a little monkey! Oh my did we laugh every time she took the stage and she charmed everyone in the audience! Berta!

Time to continue work. Put on some music and dance. Love. Remember you are worthy of all good and worthy of love!