Sunday, 7 August 2016


We took a short holiday.
We are quite the busy couple right now, so we decided on taking a short brake from it all. What a great idea! I feel like a new person. Lovely new impressions, new tastes, new smells, new sounds, new light, new air.

We decided on Palma in Mallorca.
We stayed in a lovely hotel, it had the most wonderful breakfast with delicious fresh fruits, nuts, yoghurts, muesli, great coffee and sparkling wine (unfortunately I am a lousy drinker in the morning!). The hotel had a pool and sunbeds on the roof. We only enjoyed the pool in the evenings, after a day out it was lovey to relax in the pool for a while before getting ready for dinner.

Palma was a great choice. A fabulous beach nearby, but also the beautiful town Palma. Neither of us like to spend all our vacation on the beach, we are far too restless for that. So this was perfect. And we found some lovely places to eat where there were no tourists at all and we had to take chances when ordering and manged on a combination of french-spanish...great food! Our absolute favorite, for both of us, turned out to be a traditional and very simple dish, the famous spanish potato-omelette. You can have it as tapas or as a meal. And yes, I have promised a certain mister to try make this at home. I have already googled recipes...

We saw people reading newspapers. Some more carefully than others. We saw plenty of small dogs. And people walking slowly. Playgrounds. People playing with their kids. Lots of cafées and restaurants. People eating together. Balconies. Oh I could have photographed all balconies. And the plants and flowers on the balconies. Cars. Friendly drivers who ALWAYS give way. Motorcycles. And hooray, lots of bicycles! And very handsome motorcycle-policemen. My goodness, there's macho defined. The police seemed very friendly. I spoke to one guy selling stuff in a park, it was illegal and as soon as the police came, they gathered all their goods inside a sheet and run. After some time they all returned, one after one, cautious. One of the sellers was caught by the police, but managed to escape. So I asked the guy how the police treated them if they were caught and what would happen if you got caught, which in my opinion seemed likely. Apparently they only confiscate the goods, but no fines are given and no caption. He explained that they are not allowed to sell there, but they need to earn a living. I told him I was sorry, he only said it was life. I replied saying it sure was, but a damn unfair life for some.
We met very friendly people. One day we traveled on a wonderful ferrocarril to picturesque Sóller. There we took a tram down to the harbour, had lunch and traveled back to town Sóller. What a lovely day! And what a wonderful way to travel. I have always had a weakness for trains, well, this one was special.
We saw a variety of people, the way I wish our society would look like.
We saw people kissing. Their partners, lovers, grandparents, children, friends, parents, neighbours. 

The weather in Mallorca was perfect.
We walked a lot. There are small parks and benches everywhere.
We walked along a boulevard of flowerstands. Heaven!

Happy we chose Palma as our holiday destination.

Above are pictures from inside the church in Sóller.
A little stardetail and a madonna.

A wonderful holiday.

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