Monday, 8 August 2016

Well, I probably should tell you... I was woken up at 3a.m., the morning I was about to leave for Mallorca, by something that flew around in the bedroom.
The cat was right on, so I knew we had uninvited guests and that it was bigger than a moth! I turned the light on and a bat had found its' way in through the window. It was only slightly open, so I guess it must have hung there a while and fallen inside. Ok, so I had to try catch the cat first. Not an easy task as she thought it was the bestestsest action in a while. And with a frightened bat flying around! I finally manged to catch the cat and get her out of the bedroom. By then I just wished one could just close the door and hope the situation would take care of itself. Or leave a note to my dear neighbor Sanne, please feed the cat AND our new friend the bat, hih!
So I had to go back inside, open the window and hope it would find its' way out...well, eventually the little bat found it's way out. My heart was beating fast and the cat was really upset with me! She loudly told me off.

What a start to the day. Somewhere out there, is a bat that probably wonders what on earth happened that morning, what was that odd place it fell into, what was the light and who was this wierd creature with a loudly beating heart, running in and out of the bedroom!

I love animals dearly, but to be woken up by a bat at 3a.m., well, not my dream-awakening, hih!

Love. To bats and people. And all other creatures, big and small.

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